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Available Now: Innovation in Every Aspect of a Child’s Development.

Our dedicated team of engineers, developers, and early-education experts have already made huge advances in Ed-Tech. Now both parents and professionals have modern, affordable, fun-to-use tools to help them boost every area of child development like never before.

The Starling Early-Education Wearable

Clip this small wearable to your child and get real-time insights into their day. See metrics on verbal engagement, motion, noise, and even sunlight exposure. Paired with the Starling app, you’ll get daily, personalized actionable prompts to keep you boosting every area of your child’s development. The Starling is used in libraries and pre-schools and recommended by pediatricians. Start boosting your child’s development now.

The Reading Excellence Program

Is your child getting enough out of your story times together? Are you? This fun app guides you through the 7 story time best-practices you never knew existed to help you be the best storyteller ever. Your child will be more engaged as you read, and you’ll both have a blast. Fill your virtual, in-app bookshelf as all the books you read together are catalogued automatically. Reading is important, but it can also be fun. Start reading like a pro today

The Research Behind VersaMe's Innovations.

Over 30 years of child development research has proven that a strong educational start between ages 0 and 4 can mean a lifetime of competitive advantages. It’s this research that inspires and drives us to advance early education for all children.

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“We thought it would be so easy to get in a lot of words every day. But life happens, and seeing the numbers the first few days was really eye-opening! It’s been so great to have something hold me accountable for something I know I need to do.”

— Caroline, mom and occupational therapist

“Education has always been a top priority for us. We love having the Starling because we know how important it is for Jack's development to speak with him frequently. As busy as life is it is nice to have the Starling as a visual reminder, in the moment, to focus on what's important.”

— Victoria, first-time mom

“It can be so hard at times, to keep talking – parenting is exhausting. So the Starling motivates me to hit goals, or beat yesterday’s performance. I love the metrics that I get – because without metrics, how else can you measure performance?”

— Neil, first time dad

VersaMe is working for Libraries, Schools, and Pediatricians.

Helping children reach their full potential also means helping early-ed professionals be the best they can be. Thousands of children across the country are benefitting from VersaMe’s Partner Program. Download our FREE guide to find out how you can join us.

The Machine Learning That’s Driving Early Education Forward.

VersaMe has built a machine-learning platform that allows a myriad of innovative products to exist with one common goal – to become the smart, personalized child-development advisor for a connected caregiver environment.

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